HBCUs that Waive Out-of-State Fees

Making Great Schools More Affordable

There are great HBCUs across the country.  Many of those that are recognized for doing an outstanding job are state schools.  How can a student from a different state attend one of those great colleges with the cost of attendance consistently rising?  One way is by having the out-of-state fees waived.  Many state HBCUs already have a process in place for doing so, but there are usually specific requirements that must be met, as well as an application that must be completed, by a certain date.  But, for those who qualify, its a way to make that degree more affordable.   Interested students should visit the college's website or call for more information.  

Additionally, many HBCUs participate in the Academic Common Market, a program that allows students from certain states attend a public school in another state as long as they are enrolled in a particular program.  For a list of HBCUs and eligible programs, click here.  Visit the Academic Common Market, Southern Regional Education Board's website for details.  

Please note that since this feature was originally published, some changes have been made to the Jackson State University out-of-state waiver options. More information is available here.


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