Tiny Titans

Small HBCUs that Punch Above Their Weight

One of the best things about HBCUs is their diversity--diversity in location, student body, academic offerings and size. HBCUs are highlighted for their ability to provide a family environment, with smaller class sizes where students can get to know their professors. Study after study shows that HBCUs lift beyond their weight- they do a better job at educating African-Americans and lifting students out of poverty than their counterparts. 

The following list of HBCUs are small colleges (less than 2000 students) that are also heavy hitters. Their leadership, academics and other offerings make them outstanding choices for anyone seeking a top-notch HBCU education on a smaller scale. (And as an interesting aside, many of these smaller #HBCUs field men’s soccer teams, while many larger colleges do not) 

All colleges selected have been ranked in at least 20 different listings and have received positive news coverage n 2019 for their academics, innovation, leadership or growth.  

(Colleges are listed alphabetically)

Published: December 2019


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