Did you know: HBCUs graduate 25% of African American who earn degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) degrees? This number also accounts for 46% of Black women who earned degrees in STEM disciplines between 1995 and 2004. Nearly 30% of black studentsHBCUs who earn doctorates in STEM fields are begin their studies at HBCUs. (source: UNCF) The Hundred-Seven is highlighting 10 liberal arts colleges that have produced the most Black graduates with bachelor's degrees in various STEM fields.

The top HBCU producers of STEM graduates (bachelor's degrees) were determined by evaluting data published by Diverse Issues in Higher Education: Top 100 Degree Producers for 2016-2019. Schools who were Top 50 of bachelor's degrees in biological sciences, physical sciences, engineering (not engineering technology), math and other science fields were evaluated to determine which schools graduated the most black students in these fields.

A listing of smaller and liberal arts colleges that graduate the most African-Americans with STEM degrees is HERE.  


Published: 2017

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