Retiring Bus Driver Returns to College

50 years after leaving Morris Brown


Sam Smith grew up around cars, learning from his father how to repair them.  As a student at Morris Brown, Smith took a job with Atlanta's mass transit company, MARTA.  The Marines took him away from Atlanta for a few years, but he returned and went back to MARTA and earned a promotion.  Smith was charged with supervising a fleet of buses, often making quick repairs.  After 50 years, Smith retired in December.  Not ready to simply kick up his heels, Smith plays trumpet in a local band, acts as a driver for his son's cheesecake business and does some mountain climbing.  But the 71-year-old still has other plans.  Smith is returning to Morris Brown to earn a degree in organizational leadership management, with a goal of becoming a contractor to transit agencies.  Smith knows it won't be easy, but he is up to the challenge.

(photo credit: Alisa Jackson)

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